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Earth Week April 16-22
Earth Day April 22nd
is the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day | Click here for more info.
Message from the President
In the 1970s, a sufficiently large and dispersed group of people recognized the fragility and finite nature of the Earth's ecosystem, understood that "everything is connected to everything else," and accepted the responsibility not only to set straight the mistakes of the past but to avoid repeating them in the future. So long as the human species inhabits the Earth our very survival will depend upon whether or not we are able to preserve, protect and defend our environment. We are not free to decide about whether or not our environment "matters." It does matter, apart from any political exigencies. We disregard the needs of our ecosystem at our mortal peril. This is the great lesson of Earth Day. It must never be forgotten. - Lisa James
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Top Story

Seven out of 10 companies now placing sustainability on their permanent management agenda


Hazardous waste haulers still awaiting instructions on how to bill Stewardship Ontario, more than two months after the changed pricing regimen

Hospitals at risk for hazardous pharmaceutical waste violations

Packaging companies look to solve green challenges


Quick Injections

Steps Set for Livestock Antibiotic Use Ban

FDA reverses itself now saying it has concerns about health risks of BPA, a chemical found in plastic bottles, food containers and thousands of consumer goods

Healthy Kids Need a healthy environment

Believe it! Group sets 100% plastics recovery goal by 2020

Zero-Waste Phenomenon Grows, as Kraft Hits Milestone


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